Find Compact Fluorescent Lights in Las Vegas, NV

At Discount Lighting Supply, we carry the latest in compact fluorescent technology. The Las Vegas market is slowly changing to LED, but there are still a lot of applications where LED is either too expensive or not practical for the application. Compact fluorescent lamps still play a valuable role in energy efficient lighting as they are very low wattage, long life, and hi lumens.

Compact fluorescent technology bridges the gap between old incandescent technology and current LED. Discount Lighting Supply carries the largest variety of compact fluorescent lamps in Las Vegas. If there is something you are looking for, but do not see on our website, please call us as we will probably have it in stock, or can get in a few days.


Large Wattage Spiral

We carry a varied line of large Compact Fluorescent medium base lamps.  The sizes are 40w, 55w, 85w and 105w.  The standard stock colors are 27k, 41k and 50k.  Mogul base adaptors are available to fit into larger sockets.


GU24 Base

GU24 based lamps have become popular as a theft deterrent lamp in many fixtures.  The twist and lock base allows it to be easily changed out.  We stock these in 13w, 18w, 23w and 26w.  Standard colors are 27k and 41k.


Compact Fluorescent Lamps

We carry reflectors, decoratives, globes and small wattage screw in base.  We have a large selection of all CFL bulbs that you may need.





compact 7Compact Fluorescent (Quad) Tube, pin based

We carry all wattages of 2-pin and 4-pin based double tube(quad) lamps.  Wattages range from 9-26w and come in the colors of 27k, 30k, 35k and 41k.  We carry both Major brand and Import brands.





compact 8Compact Fluorescent (Triple) tube, 4-pin

These lamps come in wattages of 13w, 18w, 26w, 32w and 42w.  Standard colors are 27k, 30k, 35k and 41k.  We carry both Major brand and Import brands.




compact 6 Compact Fluorescent (Single) tube 2-pin

We stock all wattage and colors for these common lamps.  Wattages are 5, 7, 9, and 13.  Stock colors are 27k, 30k, 35k and 41k





compact 5Compact Fluorescent Sockets

We stock all the sockets you will need for your fixtures.  This photo is a sample of all the different sockets you will find at Discount Lighting Supply.















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