Have an Outdoor Party with HID Outdoor Lights in Las Vegas, NV

Discount Lighting Supply is the largest supplier of HID products in all the Las Vegas area. We stock more HID than anyone in all of Nevada does. HID technology is still the main lighting source of outdoor fixtures. LED technology is the wave of the future, but for most outdoor applications, LED technology is not up to par. We carry every kind of metal halide, high pressure sodium, and mercury vapor lamp that you will find in Las Vegas. If you are a lighting maintenance company, handyman, building engineer, or just a property owner who has outdoor fixtures, then we are your one stop lighting supplier.

Have a retail store? We carry all the smaller pin based metal halides as well. Looking to retrofit your existing outdoor fixtures? Give us a call; we have options that can save you money.


High Pressure Sodium ED23.5

These lamps are stocked in 35w, 50w, 70w, 100w 150w 200w 250w  and 400w.  This lamp will have the larger mogul base.  We stock hundreds of each wattage.  Sylvania brand is top of the line quality and we stock a full line they’re HPS, as well as a less expensive Import brand.


High Pressure Sodium ET18

This cylindrical looking lamp is most commonly found in outdoor commercial fixtures.  Common wattages are 250w and 400w.  We stock Sylvania and an Import brand

HID 1 Metal Halide G8.5 base

Metal halide pin based lamps are very popular in retail settings where a lot of light is needed in a small area.  The wattages we stock are 20, 35/39, 70w.  The standard color for these lamps is 830, but 942 is available also.




HID 10 Metal Halide Mogul Base ED28/37

These metal halide lamps are stocked in the following wattages: 35, 50 70, 100, 150, 175, 250, 320, 400, 575, 750, 1000.  Domestic and Import brands are in stock.





HID 11 Metal Halide Mogul Base BT28/37

Similar to the ED28 and ED 37, this lamp fits in many of the same fixtures, but has a slightly different shape to the end.  These lamps are stocked in the following wattages:  175, 250, 320, 400, 750, 1000.  We stock both Domestic and Import brands.





HID 12 Metal Halide Mogul Base BT56

These large metal halide lamps are commonly used in “sport lighter” fixtures, as well as many high reach parking lot poles.  Wattages we stock are 1000 and 1500.




HID 13Ceramic Metal Halide

This small metal halide lamp has the PGJ5 base.





HID 2Ceramic Metal Halide G12 Base

Very common in fixtures that are used in retail applications, these G12 based lamps are stocked in the following wattages:  20, 39, 70 and 100.




HID 5 High Pressure Sodium Mogul Base ED23.5

The mogul base HPS lamps are stocked in the following wattages.  50, 70, 100 and 150.  We stock these lamps in both Domestic brands and Import brands.





HID 6 High Pressure Sodium Mogul Base ET18

This long tubular HPS lamp is common in many high reach outdoor fixtures.  The wattages we stock are 250, 400 and 1000.





HID 8 Metal Halide Medium Base ED17

This very popular Metal Halide lamp is stocked in both Domestic and Import brands.  The following wattages are stocked.  50, 70, 100, 150 and 175.

















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