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37 DL0250

G24q-2, GX24q-2 4pin CFL socket with four hole vertical mounting





socket  22DL0443

Mini Candelabra base with screw tabs for mounting and no leads





socket 1DL0403

Medium base porcelain socket extender will extends lamp aproximately 1 1/4″





DL0096socket 12

E26/E27 medium base porcelain socket with captive screws and 9″ leads





socket 25


Mogul socket with IPS cap separated.





socket 20DL0441

Mini can socket with mounting tabs and leads.




socket 24GU24 to 4 pin CFL

Ballast for a 4 pin CFL lamp.  Converts 4-pin CFL to GU24 base.





socket 26Keyless Socket

E26/E27 medium base porcelain lamp holder for outlet box mounting




socket 33DL0607

E12 candelabra base threaded lamp holder with 1/8 IPS hickey with 12″ leads.





socket 39DL0610

E26/E27 medium base socket with 1/8 IPS cap and screw terminal connections





socket 42 DL0703

GU24 CFL to E26 medium base permanent locking adapter





socket 32 DL0382

E27/E27 med base incan lampholder w/two hole mounting and screw terminals





socket 48DL0139

Unshunted, push fit, screw down, compressible, vert. contacts HO/VHO





socket 2DL0595

Shunted, single pin slim line lamp holder (stationary end) w/ slide on mounting




 socket 41DL0473

E26/E27 med base incan. Lampholder w/spring clip mounting & screw terminals




DL0125socket 4

Shunted, single pin slim line lamp holder with slide on mounting




DL0694 socket 16

2G11 base vertical lamp support with push fit circular hole mounting





socket 17DL0769

E26 medium base, two circuit, three terminal, socket, with 1/8 IPS hickey




socket 36DL0852

E26, adjustable medium base socket with 1/8 Ips hickey & screw terminals




socket 23DL0469

Halogen double ended lamp lampholder




socket 53DL0133

 Unshunted,T8-T 12HO snap in, stationary, HO/VHO lamp holder w/9″ leads




socket 52


Unshunted, T8-T12 HO snap in, compressible, HO/VHO lamp holder w/9″ leads





socket 51


Unshunted,T8-T12 HO-VHO snap in, stationary, vertical contact HO/VHO w/9″ leads




socket 50DL0129

Unshunted, T8-T12 HO-VHO snap in, compressible, vertical contact HO/VHO w/9″ leads



socket 8DL0377

E39 mogul base to E26/E27 medium base socket enlarger or lamp reducer




socket 44DL E17-TPS

Twist-On pin socket intermediate base black




DL0027 socket 9

Linear fluorescent T8/T10/T12 medium bipin polycarbonate lampholder




socket 6DL0463

GX16d, 5kv pulse rated, mogul end prong lamp holder with 18 inch leads




socket 38


Unshunted, rotary locking, push fit T5 lamp holder





socket 43DL0266

2G11 4pin CFL socket with slide on horizontal mounting




socket 3DL0178

13w GX23, GX23-2 2pin CFL socket w/4 hole vertical mounting




socket 29DL0174

26w, 32w, 42w G24q-3, GX24q-3 base 4 pin CFL socket with 4 hole verical




socket 34DL0627

2G11 4pin CFL socket with two hole horizontal mounting




socket 28DL0631

13w 2GX7 4 pin CFL horizontal lamp holder with two hole mounting




socket 15DL0219

10 or 13w G24q-1, GX24q-1 4pin CFL socket w/bottom snap in vert. mntng



socket 55DL0180

5,7,9 & 11w G23, 2pin CFL socket with front snap in vertical mounting



socket 47DL0297

T4/T5 BIPIN Unshunted, butt-on, center screw mount with 9″ leads




DL0540 socket 5

G4, G5.3, G6.35 bipin halogen lamp holder with mica front and 17″ leads




socket 30DL0281

G23 and 2G7 base CFL horizontal lamp support with center hole mounting





socket 10DL0390

G5.3 bipin halogen lamp holder with mica cover, two hole mount and 12″ leads





G5.3 bipin porcelain lamp holder with circular heat sink and 18″ leads





G4, G5.3, G6.35 bipin halogen lamp holder with mica front and 17″ leads





GU7 halogen turn and lock lamp holder with 12 inch leads






Unshunted, bracket mount with through hole, T5 lamp holder w/9″ leads



Unshunted, T8 only refrigerationsocket







Unshunted, T5 socket with push fit or screw down mounting and 12″ leads






Molded water resistant T5 only cap




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